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Lecture Hall of Science No.20

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íżLecture Hall of Science No.20í┐

Listen Respectfully to the Memory of Nuclear Explosions and Inherit the Spirit of the Two Bombs--- Notes to the Special Report by Academician Tang Xiaowei


Starting at 15:00, Friday afternoon, the Lecture Hall of Science No.20, which was cohosted by the Faculty of Science and Danyang&Qingxi Community was held in Room 225 Meng Minwei Building on September, 26th, 2014. This vivid report was given to national defense students by Mr. Tang Xiaowei, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, under the theme of “Memories from the witnesses of the nuclear explosion---commemorating the 50th anniversary of China’s successful explosion of the atomic bomb”.

Academician Tang Xiaowei is a physicist in nuclear physics and high energy physics, and he is now a professor and doctoral supervisor at the Department of Physics, Zhejiang University. He once was a researcher at Institute of High Energy PhysicsChinese Academy of Sciences. He mainly focuses on nuclear physics, experimental high energy physics, and the intersectional researches between physics and other disciplines and he has already made a number of important achievements. In 1980, he was elected member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Academician).



The speech by academician Tang Xiaowei was divided into three parts, and the first part was a brief introduction to the research background of the atomic bomb at that time. It was shortly after the founding of new China, the threats of the world in all aspects were far from getting removed. Developing the atomic bomb could prove our country’s comprehensive national strength and maintain China’s status of great power. In another aspect, China could also make great contributions to world peace by developing the atomic bomb successfully. It was under such background that Academician Tang took part in the whole process of developing the atomic bomb. In the second part of the speech, Academician Tang mainly told the national defense students about his feelings during the whole process. Although the conditions were tough, and in the later period the technical support from the former Soviet Union was also lost, they still completed the tasks assigned by our country finally. During this part, Academician Tang showed many precious photos taken at that time, and the students also looked at them very carefully, as if the scenes of the predecessors in hard work were right in front of us. In the last part, Academician Tang hoped that the young people today could seriously understand, inherit, and develop the Spirit of Two Bombs and One Satellite and make a large contribution to the national defense of modern China. After listening to the lecture, the students also communicated with Academician Tang actively and took photos with him to mark the occasion.



A precious speech like this could make the listeners benefit a lot from it, they could not only learn about the developing process of our country’s first atomic bomb in great detail, but also feel the perseverance and hardship of the predecessors. The national defense students are the future defense forces of our country, they need to shoulder the important responsibility of defending the homeland. Learning more about the history of national defense of our motherland could help the national defense students identify the historical responsibilities they shoulder and clear their future objectives. The 50th anniversary of China’s successful explosion of the atomic bomb is coming soon, it is believed that after this lecture, the students will have a better understanding of both this phase of history and the spirit of Two Bombs and One Satellite, and they could motivate themselves to move forward with this comprehension!


The Faculty of Science and Danyang&Qingxi Community, Zhejiang University

September, 26th, 2014