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Gentaro Watanabe's research on quantum thermal machines has been published in Physical Review Letters as an Editors' Suggestion

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In February 2017, Gentaro Watanabe who is working as a faculty member of Department of Physics and Zhejiang Institute of Modern Physics at Zhejiang University has published his research on quantum thermal machines in Physical Review Letters as an Editors' Suggestion. Gentaro Watanabe is the first and corresponding author of this paper. This paper is also featured in APS Physics Synopsis (physics news issued by the American Physical Society).
Technological development has spurred the fabrication and study of thermal machines governed by quantum mechanics. Prominent examples include quantum heat engines. The performance of quantum heat engines is usually based on the analysis of a single cycle, as in classical thermodynamics. This approach assumes that work done through multiple cycles is expected to be proportional tothe number of cycles considered. Gentaro Watanabe and his collaborators have challenged this conventional approach and have shown that the performance of a quantum heat engine over many cycles cannot be assessed by analyzing only a single cycle; instead, assessments of the performance should address the global process over many cycles. The results should find broad applications in the design of energy-efficient thermal machines at the nanoscale.
This work was supported by the Junior 1000 Talents Plan and by NSF of China.
G. Watanabe, B. P. Venkatesh, P. Talkner, and A. del Campo: Quantum Performance of Thermal Machines over Many Cycles, Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 050601 (2017).
"Number of Cycles Matters for a Quantum Engine", APS Physics Synopsis by Ana Lopes.