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Xin Wan

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Research Focus
1. Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
2. Topological quantum computation
3. Quantum field theory
Representative Publications
1. Zi-Xiang Hu, R. N. Bhatt, Xin Wan, and Kun Yang, Realizing universal edge properties in graphene fractional quantum Hall liquids, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 236806 (2011).
2. Michele Burrello, Giuseppe Mussardo, and Xin Wan, Topological Quantum Gate Construction by Iterative Pseudogroup Hashing, New J. Phys. 13, 025023 (2011).
3. Michele Burrello, Haitan Xu, Giuseppe Mussardo, and Xin Wan, Topological quantum hashing with the icosahedral group, Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 160502 (2010).
4. Haitan Xu and Xin Wan, Exploiting geometric degrees of freedom in topological quantum computing, Phys. Rev. A 80, 012306 (2009).
5. Haitan Xu and Xin Wan, Constructing functional braids for topological quantum computing, Phys. Rev. A 78, 042325 (2008).
6. Xin Wan, Zi-Xiang Hu, E. H. Rezayi, and Kun Yang, Fractional quantum Hall effect at nu = 5/2: Ground states, non-Abelian quasiholes, and edge modes in a microscopic model, Phys. Rev. B 77, 165316 (2008).
7. Xin Wan, K. Yang, and E. H. Rezayi, Edge excitations and non-Abelian statistics in the Moore-Read state: A numerical study in the presence of Coulomb interaction and edge confinement, Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 256804 (2006).
8. Xin Wan, F. Evers, and E. H. Rezayi, Universality of the Edge-Tunneling Exponent of Fractional Quantum Hall Liquids, Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 166804 (2005).
9. D. N. Sheng, Xin Wan, E. H. Rezayi, K. Yang, R. N. Bhatt, and F. D. M. Haldane, Disorder-Driven Collapse of the Mobility Gap and Transition to an Insulator in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect, Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, 256802 (2003).
10. Xin Wan, K. Yang, and E. H. Rezayi, Reconstruction of Fractional Quantum Hall Edges, Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 056802 (2002).
Xin Wan
Ph.D. 1995~2000
Princeton University
B.S. 1990~1995 Fudan Universit
Tel: +86-571-87953694
Fax: +86-571-87951328