Institute for Fusion Theory and Simulation

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The Institute for Fusion Theory and Simulation (IFTS) at Zhejiang University was established in 2006 with Prof. Liu Chen as its first director. Since then the institute has grown into a major plasma theory and simulation center in China with 8 faculty members, 5 postdoctoral researchers and about 35 students. Prof. Guoyong Fu is the current director since 2016.

The mission of IFTS are two folds: (1) Carry out world class research in plasma physics; (2) Educate next generation of leaders and scientists for plasma physics research and fusion energy development.

The research area of IFTS includes magnetic fusion plasma physics, space plasma physics as well as high energy density physics with an emphasis on theory and simulations of magnetically confined toroidal fusion plasmas.

Current IFTS faculty members include Prof. Liu Chen, Prof. Guoyong Fu, Prof. Zhiwei Ma, Prof. Zhiyong Qiu, Prof. Zhengmao Sheng, Prof. Hui-Chun Wu, Prof. Weiwen Xiao, Prof. Yong Xiao.

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