Undergraduate Program

The Department of Physics has established itself as a renowned international large-scale physics research department by its ongoing commitment to strengthening its undergraduate and graduate education, cultivating exceptional students in physics, and partnering with both domestic and foreign research institutes and universities. In the 90 years since its establishment, a core objective of Zhejiang University’s Department of Physics has always been the cultivation of its undergraduate students.

An undergraduate physics education from the Department of Physics provides students with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of both theoretical and experimental physics, preparing students for future academic studies or careers in a wide variety of fields. In the Department of Physics, undergraduate students are frequently given opportunities to participate in state-of-the-art research with our renowned faculty and professors.

At present, the Department of Physics offers 108 undergraduate courses, of which 22 are general courses, 16 are core courses, 43 are specialty courses, and 27 are honors courses provided by the Chu Kochen Honors College.

The academic facilities provided by the Department of Physics includes learning spaces, textbook materials, Chinese and Foreign scientific periodicals and journals, software databases, wireless internet, and 6231.4 square meters dedicated to laboratories for general laboratory courses, research, and demonstrations. All of these facilities are here to satisfy the daily academic needs of our students.

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