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Currently, the Department of Physics has 126 teaching and administrative staff, of those 86 are full-time faculty members. There are 66 professors, 30 associate professors, 69 supervisors for Ph.D. students, and 81 supervisors for Masters students. More than one-third of the faculty members have obtained advanced degrees and recognition for scientific and research achievements, including 3 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Tang Xiaowei唐孝威, Zhu Shiyao朱诗尧, and Luo Minxing 罗民兴), 2 scholars, 7 professors of Cheung-Kong Scholar, Ministry of Education, 8 awardees of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 3 awardees of The National Science Fund for Outstanding Youth, and 13 Young scholars.

The research disciplines of the Department of Physics include theoretical physics, condensed matter physics, plasma and fusion physics, optics, computational physics, and applied physics. The research conducted by the Department of Physics is always aimed at breaking new ground, emphasizing academic and wider-world importance, and satisfying research needs at the national governmental level. The Department of Physics is home to an assortment of national and regional research entities, including the National Laboratory of Silicon Materials, the Zhejiang Laboratory of New Information Materials Science Research, and the Institute for Fusion Theory and Simulation. In 2007, theoretical physics and condensed matter physics were approved to be National Key Disciplines.


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