Quantum Information

Quantum Information Group at Zhejiang Institute for Modern Physics consists of many full time faculty member, as follows:

1. Jianqiang You’s group: The group’s research areas include quantum computation using superconducting qubits, spins and topological quantum systems, and cavity quantum electrodynamics (cavity QED) with solid-state quantum states;

2. Xiaoguang Wang’s group: The group pursues a broad range of topics in quantum information theory and fundamental quantum physics, including quantum entanglement and correlation theory, squeezing and nonclassicality of atomic ensembles, Fisher information and quantum metrology, geometric quantum computation, quantum gyroscope etc.

3. Jingbo Xu’s group: The group’s research areas includequantum information processing in cavity QED and superconducting qubit systems, studies of quantum information and quantum phase transition in decoherence environment.

4. Yixin Chen’s group: The group’s research areas include entanglement quantum computation, control and quantum correlation in the Josephson junction systems and the other many body system, etc.

5. Xin Wan’s group: The group’s research areas includetopological quantum computation, bulk entanglement spectrum, quantum quench, etc.

6. Hua-Lei Yin: The research areas include quantum communication, quantum computation and simulation, quantum precision measurement, etc.


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