关于召开第五届“浙江大学启真青年论坛- 物理学院青年论坛”的通知 Announcement of the 5th Annual Forum for Young Scholars at the Frontiers of Physics, Zhejiang University, P. R. China

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To promote the high-quality development of physics and its interdisciplinary fields, the Talents Office and School of Physics at Zhejiang University will jointly host the 5th Annual Forum for Young Scholars at the Frontiers of Physics on 23rd -24th December 2023. The forum will focus on frontier areas and the advanced development of physics through project reports and academic seminars, and will also introduce the development strategy of the School of Physics, including both recent and future developments in research teams, scientific research and talent cultivation. We warmly invite outstanding young scholars from both home and abroad who are interested in joining the School of Physics as a faculty member in physics, astronomy, and related interdisciplinary fields.

一、专业领域Research Fields


The forum includes but is not limited to, theoretical physics, particle physics and nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, optics, electron and radio physics, atomic and molecular physics, plasma physics, astrophysics, nuclear science and technology, quantum computingquantum information, biophysics, medical physics, and other interdisciplinary fields.



In principle under the age of 38.


Outstanding young scholars at home and abroad planning to apply for the position of ZJU-100 Young Professor and national talent programs (note that the position of ZJU-100 Young Professor is a tenure-track position).

3.岗位信息详情见/More details on the tenure-track position can be found at

三、论坛安排Forum Schedule



December 23rd-24th, 2023



The forum will be held both online and offline. Each candidate is required to present a 30-minute talk followed by a 10-minute discussion.

四、食宿与差旅Accommodation and transportation


For candidates invited to participate in the forum offline, expenses during the forum will be reimbursed in accordance with the relevant financial regulations of Zhejiang University.



Interested scholars please click the registration link below or scan the QR code to fill in your personal information before December 10th, 2023.Approved applicants will receive a formal invitation letter and schedule from the forum organizers.

报名链接/Registration link

二维码/ QR code

六、联系方式Contact Information

联系人/C.P.:郑老师(人事人才科)Ms. Zheng (HR Office)




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